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Add: 3F., C6 Building, Heng Feng Industrial Zone, Hezhou, Xixiang Town, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.
Tel86-755-29970909 29970309 29970509 

Contact Person 1: Mrs. Qiu Ling Ying (ext 808)
Job Title: General Manager

Contact Person 2: Amy Yee (ext 807)
(Direct Line: 86-755-27926220)
Job Title: Sales Manager

Contact Person 3: Zoe Gong (ext 805)
Tel86-755-29970909 29970309 29970509 
Job Title: Sales Executive 


Shenzhen Kelan Electronics Co,Ltd is a professinal Electronic gift  enterprises.
Our company was loacted in shenzhen city ,the biggiest manufactoring  city in south of China, we have more than 300 emploees, that  we can provide more than 10 million products per year. Since the founded in 2001,we received a good reputation and high trust from customers and vendors.

we are specialized in promotion gift & premium designing, developing, manufacturing and sales with more than 10 years experience. Our products include nature sound clock, color changing clock, pen holder clock, USB hubs, and other novelty gifts.

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